Flour Conveying and Weighing System
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Flour Conveying System/
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Automatically producing process, the best way to cost down manpower.

Suit for grain food production line to convey flour automatically.

Flour Continuously Centrifugal Filtration Sifter
     This device can be used for powder, liquid and low pressure system. Flour flew into the air sifter and then impurities will be sifted,con-veyed to mixer by the pneumatic conveyor. Flour will be Dispersed by centrifugal system and then through the sifter. The slag material is discharged from the specialized outlet, it could be discharged when the machine is working, also could be discharged when it is powered-off. The whole process no longer requires human intervention.

Typical Application:
Sifting the impurities from the flour in bulk

Productivity: 5,000kg~10,000kg/hr
(Productivity depends on the net density and material features.)

Flour Conveying System Proposed solutions
Fine Dried Noodles Enterprise
Instant Noodle Enterprise
Bake Enterprise
Quick-Freeze Enterprise